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Dura-Stilts Dura-IV 14"-22" Drywall Stilts

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Taping Tools Price $279.99 Catalog #20271

Dura-IV 14-22" Adjustable Drywall Stilts by Dura-Stilt offer the latest innovation and comfort in the drywall stilt industry. Patented clamshell leg bands open and close quickly, comfortably and securely around user’s leg for maximum comfort and safety. Dura-IV stilts also feature new exclusive secure Comfort Foot Harness System. Quick in-and-out rear entry allows safe easy attachment to user’s foot. Used by drywall professionals, tradesmen and entertainers who work at elevated heights.

Dura-IV stilts by Dura-Stilt are among the latest innovations in the stilt industry- increased comfort, security and safety are achieved by patented clamshell leg bands that wrap securely around the user’s leg for steady comfort. Proprietary Secure Comfort Foot Harness System secures feet in ideal position for best possible performance. Patented buckles allow quick, easy in-and out rear access on this sandal-style foot attachment system.

  • Dura-IV stilts come in three adjustable sizes- 14-22”, 18-30” and 24-40” to allow choices of working heights best suited for user situation.
  • Flex Comfort Clamshell leg bands are extremely comfortable and provide quick in-and-out access.
  • New Improved Leg Support Clamping and Support System allows independent height and rotational adjustments. This allows fine tuning stilts for perfect fit.
  • New proprietary Secure Comfort Foot Harness System has width-adjustable heel brackets with foot-positioning arch strap and easily adjustable heel strap. Patented buckle allows quick in and out rear entry sandal style foot attachment.
  • Symmetrically attached arch strap positions foot fore and aft for perfect balance.  
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